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Veterinary Ultrasound Equipment for Lease

Veterinary hospitals use medical imaging just as much as you typical doctor’s office. Every brand on the market, from Siemens to GE to Acuson, produces ultrasound machines that are suitable for veterinary ultrasound work.

Leasing an ultrasound machine is especially cost-effective for veterinary practices that can be very remote and may involve the care of very large animals. Whether you’re a country vet who serves a horse farm or the local vet who sees dogs and cats all day there is an ultrasound unit at that can fit your needs.

Fill out our online form for a free quote on a lease price for one of your professionally refurbished ultrasound machines. Fido, Fluffy, and Big Boss will be happy you did, and you can provide all of your clients’ furry and feathered friends the care they need.