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small organs Ultrasound Equipment for Lease

Small organ imaging is a modality of ultrasound application that deals only with hard-to-reach areas when the application is not surgical. Areas such as the Thyroid and Scortum are not easily accessible and smaller ultrasound units are required.

Whether you’re using a stand alone or portable ultrasound machine, you must use small arrays for small organ imaging. This requires versatility from the ultrasound unit in being compatible with curved and linear arrays or anything else that allows the small organs to be imaged.

Regardless of the small organs you need to scan for Urology, Thyroid, or Cardiac work you can count on to carry every ultrasound machine from names like GE, Siemens, ATL, and Philips to suit your needs and your budget. Get a free quite so you can lease the equipment you need today!

Sonosite Micromaxx Ultrasound Equipment

The Sonosite Micromaxx Ultrasound unit is a portable ultrasound machine that is compatible with a linear, curved, intracavitary, and phased arrays as well as with static probes.  The Sonosite Micromaxx comes with a 10.4 inch display and weighs a mere eight pounds.  It also features a pulsed doppler system, pulsed echo system, diagnostic transducer, and […]

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