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Radiology Ultrasound Equipment for Lease

Radiology and Radiologists are the primary benefactors of modern ultrasound imaging technology. Nearly every hospital, practice, and doctor in existence employs (one way or another) a Radiologist or Radiology specialist to perform ultrasounds and help interpret medical images.

The ultrasound machines for lease here at give Radiologists and Radiology professionals the equipment they need to do they jobs effectively. Be it cardiac, fetal, urological, or any other mode of application, our professional reconditioned ultrasound units can handle any task.

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GE Logiq 9 Ultrasound Equipment

GE Logiq 9 ultrasound equipment has premium features and integrates imaging from MR and CT scans and blends them fluidly with ultrasonography. Easy to use and ergonomic features make this ultrasound system a viable solution for any medical practice.

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