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pediatric Ultrasound Equipment for Lease

The application of Pediatric ultrasound covers not only pediatric care of infants and toddlers, but neo-natal imaging as well. Be it in the NICU or the doctor’s office pediatric ultrasound equipment is used across the board.

Pediatricians can use portable or handheld units for very small children and larger, stand alone machines to help image larger areas or get higher resolution images. Each ultrasound machine can serve a purpose for pediatric imaging because children come in so many shapes and sizes.

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Sonosite Micromaxx Ultrasound Equipment

The Sonosite Micromaxx Ultrasound unit is a portable ultrasound machine that is compatible with a linear, curved, intracavitary, and phased arrays as well as with static probes.  The Sonosite Micromaxx comes with a 10.4 inch display and weighs a mere eight pounds.  It also features a pulsed doppler system, pulsed echo system, diagnostic transducer, and […]

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Sonosite Titan Ultrasound Equipment

The Sonosite Titan ultrasound unit is a portable, high resolution device.  The machine is small, and features great versatility.  Compatible with a curved array and linear array, the unit also takes a convex, microconvex, and endocavity arrays.  You can use the split screen feature to view multiple images, zoom as needed, and take advantage of […]

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