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Emergency Ultrasound Equipment for Lease

Emergency uses for ultrasound equipment save lives everyday. EMT’s, many times, are ill-equipped to figure out what is going on with a patient as they rush them to a hospital. In the back of an ambulance a handheld unit, like the ones for rent here at, can provide images to emergency workers who need to inform the doctors in the emergency room of the patient’s condition.

Instead of wondering what is going on inside a patient’s body, an emergency room doctor or nurse can swiftly use a portable ultrasound unit to check the common problem areas on their patients. This mode of use saves time, allows for fast diagnoses, and keeps the emergency from stopping for lack of information. Because the ultrasound machines for rent here at can do cephalic, abdominal, small organ, surface vessel, and many other forms of ultrasound an emergency worker can quickly come to a conclusion without wasting time.

These ultrasound machines, for lease at, are professionally refurbished and allow emergency workers to do their jobs more effectively than every before. Brands like GE, Acuson, Sonosite, and Phillips can land in the palm of your hand through a free quote and a rental agreement that works for you. Stop mindlessly wandering the internet hoping for a good price. Rent with us here at

GE Logiq e Ultrasound Machine

The GE Logiq E Ultrasound Machine puts the power of a full scale ultrasound system in a small package. If you’re looking to lease a machine that is both powerful and transportable, then please contact me to discuss how I can put one in your hands today. You’ll find the GE Logiq E to be […]

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GE Logiq P5 Ultrasound Equipment

GE Logiq P5 ultrasound equipment is capable of full scale ultrasound applications in a compact package. Its power doppler system with Speckle Reduction Imaging is a powerful way to get high-quality imaging with an ultrasound system at only half the size of a traditional ultrasound machine.

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Philips HD15 Ultrasound

The Philips HD15 is an ultrasound machine with performance and power capabilities for any practice.

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Siemens Acuson P10 Ultrasound Equipment

The Siemens Acuson P10 ultrasound equipment is a hand-held device for diagnostics and screening needs. This portable device can be used anywhere and any time which makes it an ideal candidate for emergency applications. The Acuson P10, or as it is also known, the Pocket Ultrasound, allows for extreme portability and ease of use. The […]

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Siemens Acuson X150 ultrasound equipment

The Siemens Acuson X150 ultrasound equipment is a scalable and efficient solution to ultrasound system needs. This compact, portable machine utilizes high quality imaging technologies to give excellent diagnostic performance. The Acuson X150 is scalable, as it has the ability to upgrade as new technologies emerge. This ultrasound machine gives an ergonomic approach in a […]

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