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Cephalic Ultrasound Equipment for Lease

Cephalic ultrasound is an area of medical imaging that allows doctors and practitioners to diagnose disorders of the brain, head and face. The ultrasound machines for rent at from brands like Siemens, Sonosite, and Phillips are capable of aiding ENT’s, Neurologists, and emergency medical technicians.

Performing an ultrasound on a patient’s head can yield issues that lie right under the surface such as tumors, aneurysms, or and blood clots. When leasing an ultrasound unit from even a family practitioner can rule out many diagnoses before referring their patients to specialists. This saves the patient time and money and allows the doctor to make the best referral for their patients possible.

Though cephalic ultrasound is but one modality in a long list of uses for ultrasound machines, it is handled well by all of our equipment here at Rent or lease a machine today for your practice or office. Allow it to pay for itself after using it frequently, and you’ll see that your search for the best equipment for your practice stops right here.

Sonosite Titan Ultrasound Equipment

The Sonosite Titan ultrasound unit is a portable, high resolution device.  The machine is small, and features great versatility.  Compatible with a curved array and linear array, the unit also takes a convex, microconvex, and endocavity arrays.  You can use the split screen feature to view multiple images, zoom as needed, and take advantage of […]

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