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Cardiac Ultrasound Equipment for Lease

Amongst the many applications for stand alone and handheld equipment, cardiac imaging is possibly one of the most important functions of any ultrasound machine you can find on Lease Though the most common symptom related to cardiac disease is chest pain, cardiac imaging can also be used to asses a patient’s overall level of heart health whether they are suffering symptoms or not. Preventative medicine can go a long way, and the machines for lease at can help any medical community implement a preventative cardiac wellness program.

Our professionally refurbished machines for lease are the highest quality cardiac imaging machines you can find. Search today for the ultrasound machine that best suits your practice’s needs and stop mindlessly searching the internet for a better price!

ATL HDI 5000 Ultrasound System


The ATL HDI 5000 Ultrasound System is one of the most groundbreaking in Ultrasound technology with SonoCT Real-Time Compound Imaging.The ATL HDI 5000 ultrasound machine goes above and beyond an average Ultrasound system in that it can deliver amazing panoramic image quality. It also has ergonomically sound features that allow for comfort and ease of […]

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GE Logiq 200 Pro Ultrasound Equipment


In the world of ultrasound machines, there are perhaps none more well known as the standard of excellence as the GE Logiq 200 Pro. The “Pro” tag is not just a namesake, as this machine is known for its professional performance in any environment which require high quality ultrasound diagnoses. The GE Logiq 200 Pro […]

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GE Logiq P5 Ultrasound Equipment


GE Logiq P5 ultrasound equipment is capable of full scale ultrasound applications in a compact package. Its power doppler system with Speckle Reduction Imaging is a powerful way to get high-quality imaging with an ultrasound system at only half the size of a traditional ultrasound machine.

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GE Vivid 7 Dimension Ultrasound Machine


You’ll get high-quality imaging like never before with the GE Vivid 7 Dimension Ultrasound Machine. This isone of GE’s top quality ultrasound systems, and it produces ultrasound imaging with extreme clarity and ease. Since the onset of the GE Vivid series, there haven’t been any machines that have such superior quality as the GE Vivid […]

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GE Vivid i Ultrasound Equipment


GE Vivid i ultrasound equipment is an example of a powerful but compact system that delivers quality imaging and diagnostic information.

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Philips Envisor C Ultrasound Machine

philips envisor c ultrasound system

The Philips line of Ultrasound machines is a great series of systems that boasts power and performance, no matter what your needs. You can save money as well as time with this machine, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the performance this and other Philips machines encompass. Philips designed this system with the practitioner in […]

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Philips HD15 Ultrasound


The Philips HD15 is an ultrasound machine with performance and power capabilities for any practice.

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Siemens Acuson Aspen Ultrasound Machine

Siemens Acuson Aspen Ultrasound Machine

If you are interested in owning an ultrasound machine for your practice, first consider the merits of leasing a used machine such as the Siemens Acuson Aspen. Using selected Acuson Sequoia technologies along with other Siemens Acuson technologies, this machine combines the power of both to create a brand new imaging platform. With dual linear […]

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Siemens Acuson CV70 Ultrasound Equipment

Siemens Acuson CV70 Ultrasound Equipment

If you want to lease a used ultrasound, then I hope you’ll consider the Acuson CV70 as your first choice. This powerful Acuson ultrasound system is a cardiovascular system that is perfect for your practice. In the Siemens Ultrasound family, this machine performs powerfully for clear and accurate diagnoses for cardiovascular professionals. This all-digital ultrasound […]

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Siemens Acuson Cypress Ultrasound Equipment


Siemens Acuson Cypress Ultrasound Equipment is small and light in size, but powerful in echocardiology applications. This ultrasound system is perfect for any medical practice in search of a durable machine able to withstand constant transportation.

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Siemens Acuson P10 Ultrasound Equipment


The Siemens Acuson P10 ultrasound equipment is a hand-held device for diagnostics and screening needs. This portable device can be used anywhere and any time which makes it an ideal candidate for emergency applications. The Acuson P10, or as it is also known, the Pocket Ultrasound, allows for extreme portability and ease of use. The […]

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Siemens Acuson X150 ultrasound equipment


The Siemens Acuson X150 ultrasound equipment is a scalable and efficient solution to ultrasound system needs. This compact, portable machine utilizes high quality imaging technologies to give excellent diagnostic performance. The Acuson X150 is scalable, as it has the ability to upgrade as new technologies emerge. This ultrasound machine gives an ergonomic approach in a […]

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Siemens Acuson X300 Ultrasound Equipment


Siemens Acuson X300 ultrasound equipment performs exceptional imaging in small and portable system. Ideal for mobile applications or in limited space scenarios, this ultrasound machine is full functioning equipment which will meet the needs in demanding operational and clinical challenges.

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Sonoline G40 Ultrasound Equipment


Sonoline G40 Ultrasound equipment is comprehensive and compact, yet powerful enough to handle the needs of any medical professional.

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Sonosite Titan Ultrasound Equipment


The Sonosite Titan ultrasound unit is a portable, high resolution device.  The machine is small, and features great versatility.  Compatible with a curved array and linear array, the unit also takes a convex, microconvex, and endocavity arrays.  You can use the split screen feature to view multiple images, zoom as needed, and take advantage of […]

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