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Sonosite Titan Ultrasound Equipment

The Sonosite Titan ultrasound unit is a portable, high resolution device.  The machine is small, and features great versatility.  Compatible with a curved array and linear array, the unit also takes a convex, microconvex, and endocavity arrays.  You can use the split screen feature to view multiple images, zoom as needed, and take advantage of the pulsed and continuous wave doppler.

Because of its versatility it can be used in many applications.  Fetal, small organ, neonatal and other applications allow the portable machine to be used in small areas.  Also, you can use the unit for Cardiac, Laparoscopic, and Musculoskeletal applications.  Moving from large to small objects is not a problem for the Titan.

The Titan’s features include:

  • Linear array compatibility
  • Curved array compatibility
  • Microconvex array compatibility
  • Convex array compatibility
  • Endocavity array compatibility
  • A small frame that is highly portable
  • Split screen and zoom features
  • Pulsed and continuous wave doppler

The Titan’s applications include:

  • Fetal
  • Small organ
  • Neonatal
  • Cardiac
  • Laparoscopic
  • Musculoskeletal
  • Abdominal
  • Intra-Operative
  • Pediatric
  • Trans-rectal
  • Trans-vaginal
  • Cephalic
  • Peripheral vessels

The Sonosite Titan is available right now!  Taking advantage of a small, versatile ultrasound machine makes it worth every penny.  In a short time the unit will have paid for itself, given you nearly unlimited medical imaging capabilities, and made your job much easier.   Consider purchasing the units we have for sale or simply using them as needed on a “for rent” basis.  In any event, you will have the technology you need at your fingertips.

Ultrasound Equipment Applications: AbdominalCardiacCephalicFetalIntra-OperativelaparoscopicMusculoskeletalNeonatalpediatricPeripheral VesselsSmall organtrans-rectaltrans-vaginal

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