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Sonosite 180 Plus Portable Ultrasound Machine

One of the amazing things about ultrasound technology is how portable machines have become over the years. The Sonosite 180 Plus was one of the first machines to make extreme portability available. Small enough to carry in one hand, but powerful enough for effective diagnostic scanning, this machine can provide high quality results in areas not conducive for large equipment. This is the perfect machine for environments where speed and accuracy are important, and would make a handy companion for housecalls.

The Sonosite 180 Plus uses system process echoes at high frequencies to create clutterless images with reduced noise. The machine can run on battery or AC power, and is compact enough for supreme portability. Here’s a few more of the features of the Sonosite 180 Plus:

  • 2D directional color (DCPD), color power Doppler and continuous wave Doppler
  • Fast boot up – scan in under 10 seconds
  • comprehensive point-of-care imaging
  • ECG and M-mode, plus measurement tools, analysis software and report packages

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